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At Credit Alliances, we specialize in a variety of credit services. You will find our boutique-style approach important in that our clients are a priority and not a number. With the creation of well designed procedures, we can ensure that the job will be done quickly and accurately.

Our processes are unique in the fact that we handle the file from a lenders perspective to ensure an optimum score for loan approval and underwriting guidelines are met.

If you have collection debt of any magnitude, there are specific strategies to achieving the best possible outcome and you would definitely benefit from talking to us before trying to handle it yourself.

We offer a free consultation and credit analysis so whether you decide to hire us or not, you will walk away with useful information that you did not have before. It could end up saving you a significant amount of money and avoid further complications with your credit file. To get started, please fill out the form to the right.

Tracey_Gamlen_Credit_AlliancesTracey Gamlen, Owner
“My story is simple. I fell in love with helping people understand what it takes to achieve excellent credit. It all started with my involvement in a start-up company in Edina. I began researching the industry in order to develop a standard operating procedure for credit repair services. After months of researching companies, I was able to discern the problems with their processes and work to resolve those issues. All of the companies had one thing in common, an old school approach which was no longer effective resulting in a backlash of dispute statements, underwriting conditions and ultimately a loan turn down leaving one unhappy customer behind.

Since that time, I have been dedicated to change the bad concepts of the business and better yet, correct the consumer complaints that I had observed in my research. I am proud to make claim that this process works and our clients are happy. It is because of this that I am able to say that I have never had a client cancel and have never failed to finish the job at hand. If you seek to be treated with excellent customer service, save tons of money on your collection accounts, receive permanent credit solutions and treated as a priority…I believe Credit Alliances is the right place for you.”

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