Client Love Notes

client-love-notes“If you are looking to buy a house I would strongly suggest meeting with Tracey Weikle Gamlen for an assessment on your credit! If there’s something hiding and you can’t figure out why your score is low or not improving she WILL find It and best of all, work to get it fixed! We met with her before purchasing our 2nd home to make sure all of our ducks were in a row and she gave us advice on how to better our credit score. So make an appointment, what do you have to loose but your bad credit score!” ~ A and B Hansen hired Credit Alliances for credit report advice
client-love-notes“Credit Alliances helped me and my father better our scores by a huge margin. They work very fast and are very thorough. Major companies just dispute and drag the process out. Tracey and her staff are a breath of fresh air. The efficiency and communication was great. They are very flexible and know their field inside and out. Hands down the best. Don’t wait to get started, you will be happy you did. ~ B.P. hired Credit Alliances for credit help
client-love-notes“Tracey is impressively knowledgeable about all of the ins and outs of her business. In addition to knowledge and experience, she also brings exceptional people skills and compassion. She genuinely cares about her clients, and goes above and beyond with the human element of her transactions while being effective at getting the job done. I have and will continue to refer my clients to her for these reasons and many more.” ~ S.M. Family Law Attorney hired Credit Alliances as a financial negotiator
client-love-notes“Tracey’s negotiating skills are absolutely top-notch! She does amazing things with her incisive understanding of what drives both lenders and consumers. Contact her if you have any questions about credit services. She can tell you how to make the most of what you have.” ~ K.Lohr, Owner/Principal Broker, LOHR REAL ESTATE worked with Credit Alliances as a business partner
client-love-notes“Tracey knows her numbers and she is an excellent advocate for debtors in negotiating reasonable terms for reduction or elimination of consumer debt. She is also compassionate and kind to her clients.” ~ B.M. hired Credit Alliances as a Special Investigator
client-love-notes“I hired Tracey to help with my credit score. We were trying to qualify for a house and I have no doubt if I had not had Tracey’s dedication and expert advice and un-daunting personality I would never have closed on the beautiful home we have now. She is not only smart and always there for questions but she takes the time to treat you as a friend as well as a client. Cant say enough great things about her personility and experience. Thanks again Tracey.” ~ Jai.B hired Credit Alliances as a financial advisor/debt negotiator
client-love-notes“Tracey provides an excellent honest service assisting people with credit repair issues. She has recently helped a newly divorced, full time working, mother of 3 up her score which enabled her to buy her first – very own – home. The client raved about Tracey’s service and integrity. I would and have gladly refer any of my clients to her.” ~ V.B. hired Credit Alliances for debt negotiations
client-love-notes“We hired Tracey to help us fix our credit so that we could start the process of buying our first home. After having one conversation with her on the phone we knew that she would get the  job done in a timely and professional manner. She was very adamant that we would have a positive outcome to our situation, and she could not have been more right! We were blown away with her ability to negotiate down the debt that we had incurred and are so grateful that we called her. Tracey was wonderful to work with and she gave us even better results than we had expected!! Our only regret is that we didn’t call Credit Alliances sooner!” Thanks again. ~ Robert and Brianna hired Credit Alliances for credit help
client-love-notes“Hi Tracey, I just wanted to drop you a note from Michael and myself to say thank you so much for the hard work you did for us. I can not believe how professional you were and the way we were treated was second to none. When our back’s were up against a wall you really came through for us. I will definitely be passing your name on to whoever request’s it with total confidence that who ever we send your way will truly be respected and will be treated like they really matter. You proved to us to be a true asset when it came to closing our mortgage. Thank you so much, M. Joos and L. Turan ~ TJ.A (client) hired Credit Alliances for credit help / Debt Settlement
client-love-notes“I recommend the services of the Tracy and her staff at Credit Alliances . I have been using them to clean up my credit profile for the past several months. In just a short time they have already done mind blowing wonders for me on negotiations and settlements. Credit Alliances are a pleasure to work with, and have always made me completely satisfied with how well organized they are. They do an excellent job, are always punctual, and offer the most competitive rates for the value! Seriously, if you need a credit doctor and advising on your profile, Tracy will Rock this for you quick and painless! She is the best in her business! ~ Client hired Credit Alliances for credit repair services
client-love-notes“I have always been a bit skeptical about credit restoration or aligning myself with someone in this field but after working with Tracey I see the true value she adds to not only my business but also helping my clients navigate through a very scary and difficult process. She has not only helped clients of mine but she also has helped many friends of mine and in my opinion there is no one better at what she does in this industry which is why I continue to send business her way. If you have any questions or concerns about your credit she is the person you need to work with.” ~ A.P. Broker/Manager, Weichert Realtors worked with Credit Alliances as a business partner
client-love-notes“I needed to buy a home but first I needed to get a very old problem off of my credit that I had been meaning to do for some time. Brooke was able to mitigate this task for me and at the same time communicate everything extremely effectively. The issue is no longer on my credit and not being used against me. She communicates extremely well and keeps you involved throughout the entire process. I was very pessimistic about the end result, but she helped me keep positive and in the end delivered exactly what I needed. ” ~ J.B. hired Credit Alliances for Debt negotiation/creditor mediation services