Exclusive Rush Service

If you want it done now, we are the choice for you. We developed a credit service process that accommodates quick turn-around times as early as 7 days minimum to 60 days maximum depending on your specific situation.

Credit Score Improvement

There are many different factors that play a role in your credit score. Whether it be a quick fix of 20 points or 150 points to buy a home, we know the path of least resistance to get you there. We have been known to achieve 150 points in 45 days!!

Creditor Mediation Services

We can step into difficult situations when you feel like you are fighting a losing battle. If you have an account that you would like to resolve or one that you just don’t have the knowledge or time to fix, we have an experienced mediator on staff that can step in and act on your behalf to achieve a winning result.

Debt Negotiation

This is our strong suit. The Owner of Credit Alliances is a trained and successful negotiator with client testimonials to prove it. No matter what your amount of debt, it would serve you well to get a consultation before any other alternatives such as Bankruptcy or making contact with the creditors yourself. We more than pay for ourselves in the settlements alone. If your desire is to save the most money on your debts, please refrain from trying to do it yourself and give us a chance to explain why that is so important. It only takes a quick phone call to find out about your options.

Mortgage Loan Eligibility Assessments

If you are looking to purchase a home, we can be a soft place to land before heading out in the world without an advocate. Having an understanding of underwriting conditions and credit score requirements gives you a one stop shop to finding your way into a new home or refinancing your current mortgage. A credit analysis will be performed and we will assess whether you are ready for financing. We have been in this industry and have witnessed our clients be mislead by mortgage loan officers and realtors that do not have their best interest at heart. We considered it our job to protect our clients, find and endorse the top professionals in the area so that you can have a stress free transaction and receive the care you deserve by the best in the business.

Collector Cease & Desist

We realize that sometimes our clients are not in the financial position to settle their accounts which is the reason why we offer this service. The phone calls can be extremely stressful and sometimes embarrassing. Let us help by taking that off of your shoulders and step in with a cease and desist order. They will stop all communication with you and speak with us exclusively from that point forward. Not only does this offer some relief but acts as a form of damage control. When you ignore the calls, escalation of the account will take place resulting in additional legal fees, judgments and transferring of your account along with additional derogatory hits to your credit score. This is a very low cost option to begin your path to credit worthiness.

Student Loan Solutions

It is our goal to make sure that you are aware of all of the programs out there that will assist you with your student loan debt. Additionally, we offer a mediation service to take care of any rehabilitation of your defaulted student loans so that the damage to your credit can be eventually reversed. If you have a lot of student loan debt and feel overwhelmed, let us take a look, we may be able to offer some insight.

Credit Consulting

Credit Alliances is well versed in figuring out all aspects of credit. You may not have collection items or an extreme situation but rather a stagnant score. If you feel like you have been doing everything you know to do and your score does not seem to be increasing, we can help.

Special Investigations

This is a very common occurance and something that we enjoy specializing in. Our talent in this area alone separates us from the rest. We have handled the most obscure credit issues that our clients have struggled to fix but just can’t find the path. This can include but is not limited to accounts that are not yours, identity theft, foreclosures inaccurately reporting, judgments that still show unsatisfied even though they were paid, creditor location services (meaning, who owns your account) and any situation where the creditor is not compliant.

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